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Your Home- Your Oil Tank

We are supporting the UKIFDA Oilcare campaign which urges consumers to check their oil tanks before the bad weather hits.

The initiative aims to offer guidance for domestic, commercial & industrial users to reduce the environmental impact of spills from poor practices in the storage, use & disposal of oils.

We advise homeowners to carry out a thorough check of your oil tank every six months to look out for warning signs of wear and tear that include:

  • Rust
  • Splits or Cracks
  • Bulging
  • Gauges not working
  • Unusual oil smell

As part of the Oilcare campaign, it is strongly recommended that all heating oil customers take out an insurance policy to cover their oil tank, as most home insurance doesn’t cover heating oil tanks – and faults can be expensive. You want a policy that covers you for the loss of any oil, the cost of any environmental clean-up, and the cost of cleaning your and any neighbouring property.

It’s important for people who use oil to heat their home to have their tanks checked by a qualified technician every twelve months to ensure it is in the best condition. When you have your boiler serviced, your oil tank should be inspected at the same time. Your OFTEC registered engineer will check the overall condition of your tank and whether any water or condensation is present, which collects at the bottom of the tank. Your service engineer will provide a report detailing observations of the tank and any actions you need to take to prevent potential problems before they happen.

Importantly, a well-maintained tank will help to ensure a heating system is running at maximum efficiency enabling consumers to save energy and reduce fuel bills.

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