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Recommendations For Your Oil Tank Installation in Devon

Buying and installing a heating oil tank in your home is a great decision – and one that can save you money too. There are plenty of reasons why homeowners choose to heat their homes with heating oil, with one of the main reasons being the money that can be saved. Domestic heating oil is a clean and efficient oil and is one of the most environmentally friendly heating methods available; as it utilises less electricity, heating oil helps to save considerable amounts of money on heating bills each month.

If you’ve decided to switch to using heating oil to heat up your home, you may be looking for some recommendations for your oil tank installation. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. At Moorland Fuels, we offer reliable heating oil delivery services to homes in Devon – so you could say we know a thing or two about oil tank installations.

Whether you’re not sure what type of tank you need or you’re looking for advice on where to place it, our team of experts are here to offer our top tips.

Where should I put my oil tank?

It’s important that you think carefully about where you put your tank. Not only does your oil tank need to comply with building regulations, but it’s also crucial that it’s in the best place possible too. If an oil leak in your property goes undetected, it can be extremely dangerous for both your health and the environment – not to mention the effect it will have on your property too.

The best place to install your tank is outside, above ground. It’s easier to keep an eye on your oil tank if it’s above ground; an oil spill or leak from an underground tank could go undetected for a long period of time which can be extremely dangerous. We recommend placing your tank in an area where you can see it from your home; this way, it’s easier to keep an eye on it. Your tank should be positioned to minimise the risk of pollution and maximise its security.

If you’re not sure where to place your tank or you want some extra advice and guidance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts. A reliable heating fuel company will be more than happy to discuss your options with you.

What types of tanks are available?

Heating oil storage tanks come in a variety of different sizes and shapes with different capacities. The size and capacity you choose will depend on your individual requirements; for example, heating oil for commercial applications will require a fuel tank with a far higher capacity than a domestic property. Oil storage tanks can be made from either steel or plastic (polyethylene) and are available with either a single skin or as a bunded tank (which is essentially a tank within a tank to capture any spills). Having a bund is a requirement for any tank with a capacity to hold 3,501 litres of oil, or one that is near a water source. However, it is the environmentally responsible thing to do to have a bunded tank – no matter what size oil tank you want to have. In a single skin tank, if you were to have a leak that fuel is going straight into the ground – Moorland Fuels do not sell single skin tanks.

How often will I require heating oil deliveries?

There are a few different factors that will determine how often you need to top up your heating oil, the first one being the size of your tank. How big your tank is will determine how much oil you can receive in each delivery and how much you can store for the future. Obviously, the larger your tank, the more oil you’ll be able to store.

Other factors include the time of the year and the weather. In winter, you’ll likely use more heating oil than in the summer and therefore you’ll need more deliveries. When the weather is cold outside, you’re more likely to crank your heating system up! The frequency of your heating oil deliveries will also depend on how big your household is; for example, bigger households will likely need more heating oil for showers, heating and hot water.

What maintenance do I need to carry out?

In order to maintain the efficiency of your heating oil tank and keep it in top condition, it’s important that you carry out some regular maintenance. When correctly looked after, heating oil tanks can last between 15 and 20 years. The Envirostore tanks that Moorland Fuels sells, have a life expectancy of 20 years. We recommend carrying out a general inspection of your tank every few months, keeping an eye out for any obvious signs of damage and closely inspecting the external case of your tank. Look out for any cracks and splits, signs of rust, faulty gauges, a sudden increase in oil usage or a stronger smell of oil. If you notice any of these issues, it’s important you get your oil tank repaired as soon as possible.

However, it’s important that you pay attention to what’s inside too. Different weather conditions can cause havoc with your oil storage tank and it’s important that you keep an eye out for water contamination. Water can get into your oil storage tank through lots of different ways, from corroded seals and damaged vents to holes in the tank or the filler caps not being closed properly. Any water that gets in your tank will contaminate your heating oil – but the problem is, many people don’t even realise until they start to experience issues with their boiler.

To prevent water contamination, check your oil tank regularly for bulging. Signs of bulging is often an indication of weakness in the exterior walls of your tank. You should also make sure all of the lids are secure and, if your tank is bunded, it’s crucial the bund is secure. Remove any water, leaves and garden waste from the bund to keep it clear too.

How can I protect my oil tank in Devon?

To protect your tank and keep it in top condition, it needs to be protected from strong winds, snow and ice – all of which can wreak havoc with your oil tank. Ensuring that the tank sides are professionally fenced off will ensure any lines and filters can’t get run over by a mower. It’s also wise to cut back any surrounding branches and trees that could fall on the tank and cause problems.

In terms of security, there are a few things you can do to keep your heating oil storage tank safe and secure. Heating oil tanks can store a lot of expensive oil and therefore it’s no surprise that heating oil is attractive to thieves. Installing visual deterrents is a good way to keep thieves away and there are plenty of different options to explore. Motion-sensored lighting will alert you to the presence of an intruder, whereas CCTV will capture any theft on camera and deter any thieves from attempting to steal from your property.

Moorland Fuels: Oil Tank Services in Devon

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