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Key Questions You Should Ask Your Fuel Company Before Hiring Them

If you’re looking for a reliable fuel company for your home or business, you must do some research beforehand. A fuel delivery service is one of the main ways that people have access to high-quality fuel. All kinds of industries such as hospitality, agriculture, schools as well as domestic clients can benefit from fuel deliveries, but how do you know if a company is right for you?

When deciding on any kind of service you should always ask the most important questions to determine whether it suits your needs. Never be afraid to ask questions. A reliable and professional company should be more than happy to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

In this blog, we answer some of the key questions you should know about before hiring a fuel supplier.

What kind of fuel do you supply?

The first thing you should ask about is the kind of fuel the company supplies. Depending on what kind of customer you are, you will have different requirements so make sure you have a clear idea about the kind of fuel you need. If you are unsure, ask them! As a fuel distributor, they will have a good idea of the kind of products you may need.

There’s no point pursuing a company if they don’t have the products you need. If you are looking for heating oil, for example, there are many different types, including:

  • Gas oil – commonly known as red diesel, it’s usually used in commercial and agricultural industries.
  • Kerosene – primarily used for home heating and is considerably lighter than gas oil.
  • Premium Kerosene – although higher in price, this type of heating oil keeps emissions low and is generally a lot cleaner and less polluting for the environment.
  • Furnace fuel – usually needed in buildings such as schools and colleges, this type of fuel is suitable for all commercial boilers.

Where do you deliver?

One of the most important questions to ask is about delivery. You need to find a service that covers your locations whether that be at home or a commercial location. If you’re looking into companies in your local area then this shouldn’t be a problem, however, if you are further away this could affect delivery time.

At Moorland Fuels, we deliver within a 30 mile radius of our depot in Okehampton and includes a range of vehicles from baby* to four-wheeled tankers, which means we can meet the exacting and sometimes challenging distribution points our customers throw at us. We work with customers to arrange the most convenient delivery slot and aim to keep the same driver on the same route so customers get to know us by name. Find out more today.

Do you provide emergency deliveries?

If you find yourself in an emergency situation in terms of fuel, it’s good to know that you can count on your fuel supplier. Not all companies are able to do this so don’t forget to ask! Find out what they can do to help – Do they have an emergency line? Do they stock emergency barrels? Find out what they have in place for these kinds of situations so you can plan for a worst case scenario.

Do you need to be home for the delivery?

Organising fuel deliveries can be tricky if you have other commitments such as work and weekend deliveries are not an option. However, if your tank is easily accessible then some delivery services can fill up your tank without you being home. If this is something that would benefit you then find out more.

What payment methods are available?

Make sure you know everything about the payment side of things. Most deliveries will operate via debit payment at the time of delivery, however, some also offer monthly direct debit schemes to help you manage your payments and avoid large winter bills. This allows you to pay a proportion of the order and the rest through affordable direct debit payments. There is usually a minimum order amount in terms of how many litres you order but you may find that the more you order the cheaper it is – it is usually recommended to take advantage of this.

If you aren’t sure how much oil you need, it’s good to know that domestic tanks typically range in size from 1,000 to 2,700 litres. You should use a gauge to tell you how much fuel you have used or check to see if your tank has a sight tube on the outside so you can see how full the tank is. You can also use a garden cane or something similar to act as a dip-stick to give an indication of the oil level.

Do you provide fuel reminders?

The last thing you want is to run out of fuel, especially during winter. But, some companies offer helpful fuel reminders so you will never run out of fuel. Tank monitors will do the hard work for you, keeping an eye on your fuel levels so as soon as it reaches a low level you will be notified so you can place a new order. This is a great service for those with busy lives who don’t want to risk forgetting to check their tank level.

When you run out of heating oil it’s not only a convenience but it can impact your heating system. Sludge can build up and create a blockage and result in costly repairs. Fuel reminders are a great additional service to consider, so always ask the fuel company if they offer something similar.

How experienced is the company?

Don’t be afraid to ask about experience. When you’re paying for a service you want reassurance that you’re investing in a reliable company that can cater to your needs. Why not ask how long they’ve been running for? What kind of customers do they work with? The more experienced a company is the less likely you are to run into any problems.

Do they offer tank installation and cleaning?

Before arranging your fuel delivery service, making sure your tank is in good condition is essential. Ask if the company can help with this, either by installing a new tank or cleaning your current one. Tank maintenance is just as important as buying high-quality fuel so always consider this when looking for a fuel supplier.

Moorland Fuels: The Professional Fuel Supplier in Devon

At Moorland Fuels, we have more than 15 years of experience in fuels, lubricants and oil tanks. Since first launching, we have now have a range of commercial, agricultural and domestic customers who rely on us for prompt fuel deliveries and excellent customer service.

Despite this growth, we are still a family run business at heart with a dedicated team of drivers and staff who have worked hard to build our reputation as a friendly, reliable business. Our friendly team will help you make an informed choice to best suit your specific needs so you can get the best out of our services.

We are a fully independent fuel distributor, which means we can source quality products at the most competitive prices. We run all our own vehicles from our depot in Okehampton and keep an extensive stock to meet all our customers’ demands. Get in touch today for more information.

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