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Heating the Home with Domestic Heating Oil: What are the Benefits?

UK weather can be extremely unpredictable. Even during the summer months, it’s not unusual to feel a chill in the air! For this reason, homeowners should think carefully about the safest, cheapest and most efficient way to heat their homes all year round. With this in mind, many people choose to heat their homes with domestic heating oil, which is typically kerosene. If you’re wondering whether to switch to home heating oil, consider these five compelling benefits:

Kerosene is cost-effective

Kerosene is one of the least expensive ways to heat your home, making it a popular choice amongst homeowners looking to cut energy costs. Heating your home with heating oil helps to reduce your electricity usage and means you don’t need to pay for gas, which is more expensive than kerosene. This is because kerosene can be produced economically and when kept properly, can have a shelf life of a year or longer.

Compare heating oil suppliers easily

Heating your home with kerosene is more cost-effective than doing so with gas, but you can drive your costs down even further by comparing suppliers. There are lots of great kerosene suppliers across the UK, giving you the option to compare and negotiate prices to suit your requirements. Many established heating oil suppliers also offer flexible payment plans to help you spread the costs of heating your home.

Kerosene has cleaner emissions

When choosing the right method of heating your home, you should also consider the most environmentally-friendly options. Kerosene produces fewer emissions than other heating alternatives, such as coal, making it a cleaner choice for eco-conscious homeowners.

Kerosene is efficient

Of course, you need to choose a home heating solution that runs efficiently. With this in mind, you’ll be pleased to know that kerosene is one of the most heat efficient solutions available to homeowners; more heat is produced from burning kerosene than it is from burning gas or running electricity. This allows you to heat your home quicker for less.

Kerosene is safe to use

Another key consideration when comparing home heating solutions is safety. Home heating oil scores highly in this regard, as burning kerosene is one of the safest ways to heat your home. It’s a non-corrosive oil, making it safer to store, and there’s a low risk of leaked carbon monoxide emissions.

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