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Posted on 12 October 2020

Get Winter Ready

Last week, UK minister for business, energy and clean growth Kwasi Kwarteng MP announced his support for liquid fuels trade association the UK and Ireland Fuel Distributors Association (UKIFDA) Get Winter Ready campaign.

Minister Kwarteng said: “With colder months on the way, it is crucial that households relying on oil and liquified petroleum gas for their heating are prepared, so I am fully supporting this Get Winter Ready campaign.

“As the global coronavirus pandemic continues to have an impact on everyday life, it is more important than ever to get prepared and stay warm and safe this winter.”

But how do we Get Winter Ready?

Get Your Boiler Serviced

You should have your oil boiler serviced every 12 months. As part of this service, your engineer should also check your oil tank for water.

Check Your Heating Oil Level

Heating oil delivery windows can extend in times of peak demand. It’s really important to stay one step ahead of the snowy weather forecast, the pre-Christmas panic and the potential implications of further COVID-19 restrictions. Set a reminder on your phone or in your diary on a regular basis to check the level. Remember if you are now working from home, you will most likely be using more heating oil during the day than you would if you were still working in the office.

We recommend ordering your heating oil when you have a quarter of a tank left as this should allow enough time for a delivery to be made to you during the busy winter months.

Take Advantage of Price Breaks

Heating oil is currently significantly cheaper than it was this time last year.  Instead of buying the minimum quantity of 500 litres, take advantage of our price break at 750 litres. You get a better pence per litre price for taking a larger volume.

Check Your Tank for Signs of Wear & Tear

While oil tanks can fail at any time of the year, we see more cases of leaking tanks during times of extreme temperature fluctuations. Check your tank to see if you have any signs of deterioration such as cracks, rusting, bulging or staining.

Over 75? Sign up to the Cold Weather Priority Scheme

If you are aged 75 or older, or you suffer from a medical condition that makes you vulnerable to the cold, you can sign up to our Cold Weather Priority Scheme.  By signing up to this free programme Moorland Fuels will prioritise your heating oil delivery in times of high demand to ensure that you can continue to heat your home.

Budget For Your Fuel Bill

If you struggle to find a lump sum for pay for your fuel bill, you can spread the costs of your fuel out by paying by Direct Debit

The Covid-19 pandemic also means it is even more crucial to order ahead of the winter months as an increase in the number of coronavirus cases and further potential lockdowns would increase the pressure on the supply chain at the time of year when pressure is already high.

If you have any questions about getting winter ready, call our friendly team on 01837 55700, or you can log in online and manage your fuel.

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