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The recent rise of diesel bug issues in Gas Oil tanks: Prevention and Solutions

In recent weeks we have received an influx of diesel bug issues being reported by Gas Oil customers, this has highlighted to us the critical importance of tank maintenance and preventative measures. The consequences of bug infestations within a tank can have many negative effects including costly downtime while the issue is fixed and irreparable damage to vehicle engines. One main cause for these issues could be poor tank hygiene but thankfully we have a few solutions.

What Causes this issue?

Condensation or leaks within a tank can cause water to build up and when water is present tiny microorganisms feed and breed rapidly. These diesel bugs cause your fuel to deteriorate and creates a sludge at the bottom of the tank. This can cause unforeseen complications, including reduced fuel efficiency and in the worst cases, total system failure.

How can I avoid developing diesel bugs in my tank?

  • The first vital step is tank monitoring and cleaning ensuring the outside has no damage or leaks.
  • Regular tank maintenance to remove any debris, dirt and water build up.
  • Ensuring your tank is routinely treated with Anti-Bug Protect additive can actively combat against bug contamination.
  • Monitoring vehicle performance and any recurring problems to catch early signs of bugs.
  • Tank Sponge Eco is a cost-effective way to prevent water build up in your tank. If there is no water present the bugs will not be able to breed.

How to spot the signs of diesel bugs:

  • Slow pumping from your dispenser.
  • Blocked filters that regularly need replacing.
  • Difficulty starting or losing power in your engine.
  • Pipe corrosion.

What if I already have a diesel bug issue?

  • If you notice a bug infestation in your tank you need to act quickly as the situation can rapidly deteriorate.
  • An additive called Anti-Bug Kill can be added to clear any living bugs then a full tank clean may be required to rid the infestation. Once the tank is clean ongoing use of Anti-Bug protect can help to prevent the bugs returning.
  • If the problem is recurring and in the most severe cases a new tank may be the only option.

Knowing how and when to maintain a fuel tank can save a significant amount of time, money, and fuel, especially establishing the correct additive usage. At Moorland Fuels we are committed to offering solutions and support to our customers and the specialist Tank Team are on hand to ensure your entire system is running optimally. Together we can safeguard the health of your Heating Oil tank.