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image of a heating oil tank on a sturdy platform

Signs Your Oil Tank Needs Replacing

Oil tanks are a fairly essential part of many homes, so you definitely want to stay abreast of any possible problems it may have. Regular inspections are a must as the tank gets older, but you can also keep watch to see if anything is a potential risk. You may even need to consider oil tank replacement if the tank is not doing as well as it did before.

What should you be watching out for? Here are a few signs that your tank needs to be replaced.

It’s Over 15 Years Old

As with most things, older oil tanks are more likely to need replacing. The average tank will last somewhere between 15-20 years, so if yours is ageing gracefully, it ought to be inspected. An expert can tell you if the tank is still useful or if it should be replaced. Start checking the tank professionally at around 12-13 years and then annually after that.

It Is No Longer Worth Repairing

You can fix something for as long as possible, but at one point, you’ll come to the conclusion that it’s simpler and more cost effective to simply replace it. If you’ve repaired your tank multiple times, it’s best to consider whether you’re actually saving money or not. Often, it’s simply best to replace the oil tank.

Efficiency Has Dropped

Are you burning up more heating oil than you’d like? When your oil tank starts using more oil than normal, there are usually two potential issues. One is that the heating system is simply not working properly and needs repair. A technician can let you know if this is the problem. However, the other issue is that the tank is simply quite old and is leaking or has a clogged pipe. Whatever the problem, the efficiency has dropped and if it’s not easily repaired, you should probably replace it and save money over time.

It’s Leaking

Even if a professional doesn’t come to you, it’s a good idea to take a look around the tank itself on a regular basis. You should check for cracks or chips on the tank itself, but don’t forget to inspect the tubes, as well. Any oil that has leaked will usually show up around the gauge or the on the ground below the tank. Check these areas closely for any potential leaks and if you find one, the tank needs to be replaced immediately.

The Tank is Rusted

Your tank doesn’t have to shine, but it should be in pretty good condition or you run the risk of leaks and other hazardous issues. Dents could adjust how the hoses fit, and if there are any rust spots on the tank, you run the risk of the rust eating right through and causing a leak. These tend to be problems that will be expensive to fix, so you are better off replacing the tank altogether.

Now that you know whether or not your oil tank needs replacing, you can take a closer look at it. Be safe and replace! Is it time to replace your oil tank? Contact us at Moorland Fuels today to find out how our payment plan works. We’ll make the oil tank replacement process as simple as possible.