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At the heart of our farming community

Moorland Fuels launched in the heart of a large, rural area more than 15 years ago and has built strong ties with the local farming community. We understand the unique demands and challenges faced by the agricultural sector and use our many years of experience to provide informed and cost-effective solutions. 

We know that being without fuel for farming vehicles is unthinkable, especially during the busy spring and summer months. Our location in the centre of the farming community means that we can deliver fuel quickly and reliably at competitive prices.

About gas oil

Gas oil is generally known as red diesel and is used for industrial, agricultural and commercial use as a source of power or heating. Gas oil is designed to give maximum heat output, clean burning and efficient combustion in off-road diesel engines. It’s  artificially dyed red, as it’s at a reduced rate of excise duty and contains chemical markers (in agreement with Customs and Excise rules), to stop its use in road vehicles. 

The majority of all gas oil drawn from terminals within the Southwest has FAME blended into it.  The addition of FAME in gas oil can have a significant for farmers and businesses who use sulphur free gas oil in their non-road mobile machinery.  Common problems include material degradation, clogged filters, bug problems and fuel instability.  It is best to avoid storing FAME blends of gas oil for more than six months.  There are additives that can help protect against the negative impacts of FAME – including Gas Oil Conditioner and Gas Oil Supreme. If you have any questions regarding FAME and its impact, please call our team on 01837 55700.

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