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Posted on 23 June 2023

Moorland Fuels celebrates Employee Ownership Day 2023

Here at Moorland Fuels, we are delighted to celebrate this year’s Employee Ownership day on 23rd June 2023. EO day gives our company and hundreds of businesses throughout the UK the chance to showcase the positive impact employee ownership has on team members, the business, and our communities.

On this special day we have decorated our office, provided cakes and snacks for the team, and engaged in open discussions on what being 100% employee-owned means to us:

  • A voice in decision-making – feedback and suggestions are openly welcomed from our employees, giving a great sense of teamwork and empowerment.
  • Long-term growth – Our team are invested in the success of the company, delivering higher levels of service and better experiences for our customers.
  • Financial benefits – the first payment of profit shares was made at Christmas which of course is a huge benefit to all employees.

 We are lucky to have a dedicated team who continually strive to improve this business so it’s an exciting day to recognise all their hard work. On our 2nd EO day, we look back with gratitude at all that we have achieved since joining and can’t help but be excited for the next 12 months of growth and success!

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