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Posted on 10 August 2022

Meet our latest team member

We are delighted to announce our new addition to the Moorland Fuels team, please say hello to our new Sales and Customer Service Account Manager – Wilson Freitas. Here is a little information Wilson would like to share about himself and what he can bring to the business.

About me

“I’m a simple human being to be frank. I love connecting with people and at the same time I invest my time in improving myself in order to achieve a better tomorrow. I forgot to mention my admirable love towards good food regardless of where it comes from and if it keeps my options open on diversifying then I’m a happier man. You can never go wrong with Asian cuisine around me!”

Previous Employment

“I have worked in different environments serving one great purpose in common with this new challenge ahead of me know which is customer service excellence.

Working in restaurants as waiter kept me on my toes, serving hundreds of people daily which made me realise in order to be served we may start with serving, it can be automatically reciprocal and therefore a remarkable tool to embrace future achievements.

I did also work on sales, via phone, door-to-door and around Lisbon selling toys for a charity, this last one was rewarding as we’ve helped animals, children with special needs, and many other noble causes.”

What will I bring to the Moorlands team?

“In sales I’ve always worked on the way I’d wanted to sell myself and to provide a better solution for everyone, along with the excitement we get a deal was done.

With all my tenacity, I hope to evolve at Moorland Fuel, whilst opening possible pathways to restart studying as I’d love to gather more qualifications in Business, Administration, and many others. Which I would be curious to spend time on, according to my needs and ambitions.

I would love to deliver excellence and backing it up with a great fuelling mood every day, I’m willing to rise through any challenges I may face and above all I’m so content for having so much support with our team, it is priceless and so exclusive that I haven’t seen a workplace like this before.”

Get in touch

To speak to Wilson about your home or business’s fuel requirements call 01837 55700.

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