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HVO – Fuel For a Cleaner Future

At Moorland Fuels we are always looking for ways to support our customers to reduce their carbon footprint, one way we can do this is through the supply of GreenD+, the cleanest alternative-diesel on the market.

Gd+ is a HVO paraffinic EN15940 fuel enhanced with proprietary organic additive that produces the
lowest emission advanced fuel available in the market.

Moorland Fuels work in partnership with the largest importer of HVO, and stockist in the UK, with 4 terminal
storage facilities and regional distribution hubs storing between 5-25 million litres of stock.

Green D+ HVO fuel is one of the cleanest fuels on the market. It’s a second-generation, synthetic, advanced renewable diesel alternative that eliminates up to 90% of net CO2 and significantly reduces nitrogen oxide (NOx), particulate matter (PM) and carbon monoxide (CO) emissions.

As a paraffinic, renewable fuel, Gd+ HVO can be used as a drop-in alternative to fossil diesel, its cleaner, its FAME free and complies with EN15940 & ASTM D97 5. There’s no need to modify existing infrastructure – you can simply top up and go.

Gd+ is fully certified and auditable.

The benefits of HVO Fuel

  • No FAME content
  • Reduces AdBlue consumption by 20%
  • No sulphur Longer service intervals
  • Manufactured from sustainable, renewable feedstocks
  • Higher cetane number (70+) than diesel making it more efficient to burn
  • Drop-in replacement means no conversion or setup cost
  • Doesn’t cause smoke from the exhaust on start-up or change of load
  • Meets EN15940 standard, ASTM D975, JIS No 2 = OEM Approvals
  • Offers improved safety, shelf life and storage compared to diesel
  • Odourless, biodegradable and nontoxic Produces noticeable noise reduction from engines.
  • Excellent cold weather performance down to -35°C Reduces emissions compared to standard diesel

OEM Approved

HVO is a direct replacement (drop-in) of fuel for all red diesel-powered engines. These OEMs (Original
Equipment Manufacturer) have already approved HVO to use in heavy-duty road vehicles, passenger cars and
non-road vehicles.

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