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How to Maintain Your Home Heating Oil Tank

Over 1.5 million homes in the UK rely on home heating oil for warm water and central heating, but where do they store this fuel? An oil tank is essential to store home heating oil in bulk so that it’s available when you need it, especially during the cold winter months.

It’s important to properly maintain your home heating oil tank and failure to do so could result in costly repairs or a boiler breakdown. We may be over the worst of the cold winter weather, but oil tank maintenance is important all year round, so see below for our top tips.

Regular cleaning

Oil tanks are prone to buildups of sludge, water and dirt, so regular cleaning is essential if you want to maintain your tank. Your oil tank should be professionally cleaned roughly once every five years to keep it functioning at its best. Experts will empty any remaining fuel into a holding container, thoroughly clean the tank to remove sludge and other buildups, and then pump the clean fuel back in.

Check for water contamination

Water can enter your tank in several ways; as a buildup of condensation, through a small leak, corroded seals, or via the filler cap if it hasn’t been closed correctly. Water contamination can cause serious issues, including buildups of bacteria and sludge, rust (if your tank is made of metal) and degradation of your fuel.

Regularly check your tank for bulging and make sure all lids are secure. If you use a bund, make sure it’s not full of water or oil, or add a tank sponge to soak up any potential water contamination.

Visual inspections

Professional cleaning and maintenance services are important, but you can perform visual inspections yourself in between services. Regularly inspect the bund for any buildups of debris and check the area beneath and around the tank for oil spills.

Connections should also be checked to make sure they’re secure, and inspect the exterior of the tank for any signs of bulging, cracks, discolouration or rust.

Winter additives

It is possible for heating oil to freeze over in winter, especially if your tank is stored outside or if there’s any water contamination. You can reduce the chances of this happening with specialist additives for your fuel. These additives can lower the freezing temperature of your home heating oil and improve overall performance.

If you’re looking for professional oil tank cleaning services in Devon, get in touch with the experts at Moorland Fuels. Oil tank cleaning is vital to help maintain your tank and keep it in good condition and our experts have everything you need. We’ll empty and thoroughly clean your tank, as well as dispose of any waste in an environmentally friendly way. For more information about our oil tank cleaning services or advice on general maintenance, give us a call today or contact us online.

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