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I need a baby tanker delivery. Is there an additional charge?

If you have a difficult access or location requirement, this is best discussed on placing your order. If it is deemed necessary to place your delivery on a baby tanker, then an extra cost may be incurred.

The price you have quoted me is not the cheapest I can find. Why is this?

Prices vary daily so please make sure that you are comparing prices on the same day. The oil market is very competitive and highly complicated.

Why do prices change so often?

The price of kerosene 28 is influenced by the price of crude oil and the constant movement of the currency markets. Global events such as wars, political upheaval, terrorism and natural disasters are among the many factors influencing the price of crude oil. At home, bad weather, seasonal demand or interruptions to supply will also influence the price of heating oil.

How much can I expect to pay?

The larger the quantity you order, the cheaper per litre price you will pay, simply because it costs us the same to deliver 500 litres as it does 2,000 litres. The minimum quantity we deliver is 500 litres. The bigger the tank you have, the better, as you can fill up when prices are lower. Unlike other energy, oil prices change every day.  We always quote for delivery within our five working day delivery window. This means you know exactly what you will be charged.

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