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How do I get a quote?

The easiest way to obtain a quote is to call us at 01837 55700. Our prices change daily based on the cost of oil. The price you pay will be the price you were quoted when you placed the order and not the price on delivery day. You can also get an quote and place an order online through our Web site.

What if I don’t know how much oil I need to fill up the tank?

Domestic tanks typically range in size from 1,000 to 2,700 litres. If you do not use a Watchman or Apollo gauge to tell you how much fuel you have used, check to see if your tank has a sight tube on the outside so you can see how full the tank is. You can also use a garden cane or something similar to act as a dip-stick to give an indication of the oil level.

I am on your Gold Service. Do I need to call to have my tank topped up?

No. As a member of our Gold Service you would not need to contact us to place an order.  Depending on how you asked for us to run your Gold Service determines whether or not we would contact you in advance to see if you want us to fill your tank. Some customers have asked for us to just fill them up, others have asked for us to call them to check to see if their tank needs filling.

How much oil should I order?

The minimum amount you can order is 500 litres. The average order is 1,000 litres. Domestic tanks typically range in size from 1,000 litres to 2,700 litres. Our price break is at 750 litres. We always recommend going for the larger amount in order to take advantage of the lower pence per litre price.

Why can't I order less than 500 litres?

It is our company policy that we don’t deliver less than 500 litres.

How do I place an order?

Call 01837 55700 and talk to one of our friendly team or your can order online through our Web site.

Can I have my order delivered in a smaller tanker?

Yes, Moorland Fuels has a baby tanker within its fleet.  It is a slightly higher pence per litre price to have your fuel delivered on the baby tanker.

I would like to order for myself and my neighbours. Can I do this?

You can certainly order on behalf of others, but we will need your neighbour’s exact address details and, if they are unknown to us, where the tank is located and their payment instructions.

Do I have to pay when I place my order?

We offer a variety of payment methods to suit our individual customers – just choose which suits you best:

  • Pay at the time of order with a debit/credit card (most cards are accepted).  The card details are encrypted against your order and the payment is ring-fenced in your bank account. However, the payment is not finally debited until the fuel has been delivered and the ticket confirmed.
  • Allow us to take some extra details and simply pay by card/cheque within seven days from invoice (sent by post/email – whichever you prefer)
  • Join our budget scheme and pay a proportion of the initial order cost by card/cheque, then complete an application form and direct debit mandate. All future payments will then be collected by direct debit.

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