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What type of oil do I need?

Look at the sight gauge on your tank to determine what type of oil you require. Kerosene 28 (kero) is yellow and gas oil is red. If you don’t have a sight gauge, check with either the previous owner or the service technician (they often leave a contact sticker on the boiler).

I’ve just moved in. How do I know how much fuel I have?

Many tanks have a sight gauge connected. Push the plunger so that the level resets; it will then adjust the ball to the level of the oil in the tank. If you have a plastic tank, it should have the capacity embossed on it in a prominent place. We can deliver a specified quantity or we can fill your tank – whichever suits your needs/budget.

If you have an old metal tank and are considering replacing it with a plastic tank, contact us to arrange a site survey.

Where and how often do you deliver?

Our regular delivery days are Monday to Friday. However, our drivers do deliver on a Saturday in times of peak demand.  Our area is approximately 30 miles from our depot in Okehampton. We also deliver into Plymouth.

Do you do emergency same-day deliveries?

It is not always possible for us to do a same-day delivery because we route our vehicles the day before.  It is always worth asking the question as we will always look to see if we can make it work.

Do you have emergency barrels and drums?

We have emergency barrels and drums for our customers to purchase during winter months.  These are for customers who have run out or are about to run out and who have an order on the system for us to deliver.  We charge a deposit of £10 per drum.  In order to qualify for the drum deposit refund, drums must be returned to the office within a week.

What if I have an emergency after hours?

We have an emergency line and all calls will be answered.

I placed an order today. How quickly can I expect my delivery?

Our delivery time is within five working days. If you placed an order on a Monday, your order will be with you by the following Monday at the latest.  Please be aware that in times of peak demand or inclement weather, delivery times may extend.

Can you do weekend deliveries?

Yes, we deliver on Saturdays during the winter.

What is the minimum delivery I can have?

The minimum delivery of kerosene or red diesel is 500 litres. The minimum amount of derv we will deliver is 1000 litres.

Does the amount I order impact the price?

Yes. Larger quantities are cheaper to purchase per litre than smaller quantities. In particular, ordering 500 litres at a time puts the cost up to you and to us. We offer a price break for an order of 750 litres or more. Join our Direct Debit scheme to spread your payments out.

What is your price for delivered fuel?

If you would like today’s price for a fuel delivery, please call us on 01837 55700 or get a price online through our Web site.

Why is the price different each time I order?

Fuel prices are directly linked to the price of crude oil. As with any commodity, when demand is high the price rises, which affects our prices and the price paid at the pump. Other global conditions such as production cuts, terrorist attacks, changes in the value of sterling and trade wars all impact the price of oil.

Do I need to be in to receive a fuel delivery?

No, if access is easy or we have been to your property before, we can deliver without you having to wait in for our driver. Any special instructions should be given at the time of ordering.

I have restricted access to my property. Can you still deliver to me?

Yes, in most cases we are able to get one of our smaller four-wheel tankers onto your property.

We have had access problems despite the smaller tankers. Can you help?

Yes, we have our baby tanker, which reaches places other tankers cannot.

Is gas oil the same thing as "red diesel" – ie. 35-second oil?

Yes, gas oil is red diesel. You are allowed to use it in tractors and any other vehicles used on private land, including a car or truck. There is also a law that says you can use the tractor on a public road within a sevebn-mile radius of the farm. It is illegal to use it in a car or truck on the road.

Do you supply premium grade Kerosene 28?

We offer two types of premium grade kerosene.

The first is Moorheat Plus Premium Kerosene. This is a premium kerosene designed for oil-fired boilers. It reduces carbon deposits, breaks down sludge in your tank, helps your boiler work more efficiently and lowers carbon emissions.

RangeFuel Plus is a premium kerosene for AGAs and Rayburns.  It reduces the Char value of the kerosene, reduces carbon deposits, helps your AGA/Rayburn burn at a more consistent temperature and is better for the environment.  AGAs and Rayburns prefer a Char value of less than 15.  We recommend that all AGA/Rayburn customers use RangeFuel Plus.

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