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How do I know how much oil was delivered?

All deliveries are monitored by the tanker’s meter and regulated by trading standards. Your delivery ticket will show you the actual amount of oil delivered and this will be left with you by your delivery driver.  If you are not at home during the delivery, the driver will usually post it through your letterbox.

When will my oil be delivered?

Our normal delivery time is within five working days. Saturdays do not count as a normal working day. We say within five working days because this enables us to effectively route your fuel as efficiently as possible, enabling us to keep our prices as low as we can. Please be aware that in peak months lead times can increase, depending on demand and inclement weather.

Do I need to be at home when you deliver?

You only need to be at home if the driver is unable to obtain access to your tank without you being there or if you keep your tank locked. If you wish to be there, please let us know. If you do not request this you will not be contacted prior to delivery.

Will you let me know when my oil will be delivered?

If you would like to know when your fuel will be delivered, please let us know and we will accommodate your wishes. We now offer a text message notification the day before your fuel arrives. Simply let our sales team know if you would like to be notified by text or phone call and we can set that up for you.

Can I ask the driver to "top me up" when he arrives?

We load our tankers with a specific volume of fuel for the orders we have to complete on that delivery schedule. However, sometimes customers do not take the full amount of fuel that they have ordered and the driver might have some extra left on board.  It is always worth asking the driver if he can top you up, but it is not always possible for him to do so.

I need a delivery earlier than the time stated on the order confirmation. What can I do?

Call us at 01837 55700. We always try to accommodate our customers’ needs and, if it is possible, we will work with you to find the best possible delivery time.

My order has not been delivered. What do I do?

If your order has not been delivered by the time indicated on your confirmation, please call us at 01837 55700. Please understand that during inclement weather it is not always safe to have a tanker on icy roads and so delivery times can change.

How far can the tank be from the tanker?

Most standard tanker hoses are approximately 175 ft. Our baby tankers only have a hose length of 150 ft.

My filling access is what they call an offset pipe. Is this a problem?

For safety/environmental reasons, offset fill locations (where the delivery driver cannot see the tank while filling) pose a difficult problem for the driver. It is essential to inform the office when placing your order of this delivery requirement in order for us to find the safest way to meet the delivery.

Will it always be the same driver who delivers my fuel?

We make every effort to schedule the same driver each time you require a fuel delivery. We believe this continuity helps create a more efficient service because the driver becomes more familiar with you, your tank and your area.

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