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As the weather gets colder and the host of heating oil rises, fuel tanks become more of a target for thieves.  Not only does your fuel tank have a significant financial value for you, but it also has a strong psychological one as well as this is the source of heat for your family home.  Therefore it makes sense to take steps to protect your heating oil from potential theft.

While there is no guarantee that your fuel will not be stolen, following these tips will help make your fuel tank less of a target.

Use a good quality padlock

A fuel thief is going to be prepared when he/she comes to attack your fuel tank and carry a range of tools.  In order to thwart the thief, you need to have a good quality lock.  Moorland Fuels recommends close shackle padlocks as they offer the best resistance to bolt croppers (which according to police is one of the most popular burglar tools). Close shackle padlocks have very little of the metal hoop (shackle) exposed, making it difficult for bolt croppers to cut through the hoop.

Plants can form a defensive barrier

Use Mother Nature as your crime-fighting partner.  Thieves will not want to climb through or over prickly hedges or shrubs because any torn clothing or blood can help identify them to the police.  Shrubs such as blackthorn, firethorn and even roses are great to plant around your tank as they are very thorny and can provide a very effective and pretty, deterrent to thieves.  Just make sure you leave some access for your oil delivery driver.

Build Fort Knox

Fences and walls around your tank can also give significant protection to your fuel tank, but just remember your driver will still need to access the tank. 

Light it up          

Security lights make any property a much harder target for would be thieves. While the brighter the better approach may be the best deterrent for thieves, it probably won’t make you very popular with your neighbours.  Low energy ‘dusk till dawn’ lights installed next to the tank should provide enough activity to highlight any suspicious activity.  Of course motion-activated lights are a great security investment.

Location. Location. Location

While this tip doesn’t help you with your existing tank, should you need to move your tank for any reason the location of your tank can make a huge difference in the eyes of a thief.  Tanks that are closer to the house, with one or more windows overlooking it, pose a more difficult prospect for a thief than a tank located behind a garage, shed or next to a road.  While your tank will still need to be accessed from the road by your fuel supplier, you can find a balance that not only keeps your fuel safe, but keeps your driver happy too.

If you need any help regarding your fuel tank, please give Moorland Fuels a call on 01837 55700.  We provide tank replacements and installations and can advise on the best place to locate a new tank.

About Moorland Fuels

Moorland Fuels was formed more than 15 years ago. The company started by supplying lubricants throughout the South West.  Moorland Fuels is still a family-run business. Our reputation has been built by our team of dedicated drivers and staff.  We all believe in what we do, and this can be seen in our commitment to excellent service, which gives us the edge over our competitors. 

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Released December 3, 2012