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Why should I replace my fuel tank?

There can be many telltale signs that a tank is in need of replacing.  When you check your tank you should pay attention to both its sight and smell.  Common issues such as a pungent smell of fuel or micro-fractures appearing around the moulded seems, corners and edges of the tank, are signs that your tank may need replacing.

These seemingly small issues can lead to problems such as water contamination in the fuel, or at worst a catastrophic failure of the tank with significant environmental damage due to a resulting fuel spillage.  If you are not sure whether your tank needs replacing, call us at 01837 55700 to request a free inspection or ask your fuel driver to check your tank when he next delivers your fuel.

Should I have a bunded tank or a single skin?

The vast majority of new fuel oil tank installations are bunded (double skinned) tanks, to help increase the level of storage protection and reduce the risk of spillage.  Environmental regulations may also necessitate the usage of a bunded fuel tank.

How big a tank do I need?

Many people now want to buy more fuel in the summer when prices are typically lower.  In order for this fuel strategy to work, you need to be able to store a larger amount of heating oil in your tank.  Moorland Fuels has a full range of sizes from 1,000 litres to 8,050 litres.

Where should I locate my new tank?

Building regulations and OFTEC guidelines are in place to ensure new tank installations are carried out in a location that minimises any potential impact to the environment and health and safety.   You should also think about the security aspect of your tank and protecting your heating oil.  Read our tank security tips.

How much will it cost me?

The cost of replacing a fuel tank is for many people a significant one.  However, these costs can be minimal when compared to the potential costs of cleaning up a fuel spill/leak if the tank splits.  Moorland Fuels provides a competitively priced range of tanks and first class installation team to help keep the costs to a minimum.  If you notice fuel leaking from your tank, do not hesitate to call us at 01837 55700 to get a free quotation to replace your tank – it could help prevent a significant environmental issue.


About Moorland Fuels

Moorland Fuels was formed more than 15 years ago. The company started by supplying lubricants throughout the South West.  Moorland Fuels is still a family-run business.  Our reputation has been built by our team of dedicated drivers and staff. We all believe in what we do, and this can be seen in our commitment to excellent service, which gives us the edge over our competitors. 

We are a fully independent fuel distributor sourcing quality products at the most competitive price to industry, farming and the home.  We run all our own vehicles, both for fuels and lubricants, from our depot in Okehampton and keep an extensive stock to meet all our customers’ demands. This gives us the flexibility to provide a fast, efficient and professional service to our customers.  If you need heating oil in Devon give us a call.

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Released December 12, 2011