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The Trade association for the Heating Oil Distribution industry, Federation of Petroleum Suppliers (FPS) is pleased to announce that heating oil is the cheapest form of energy for 12 months on the run following the release of the most recent energy comparison report produced by Independent provider of comparative home... read more

June 22, 2016

Tips on How to Control Your Household Costs

Let’s face it, running a household is expensive.  We are all looking for ways to manage our finances better and cut costs where we can.  We have put together some tips for you to help trim those household bills and avoid the “sticker shock” of large bills.... read more

May 17, 2013

Tips on How to Protect Your Heating Oil from Fuel Thieves

As the weather gets colder and the host of heating oil rises, fuel tanks become more of a target for thieves.  Not only does your fuel tank have a significant financial value for you, but it also has a strong psychological one as well as this is the source of... read more

December 3, 2012

Check Your Fuel Tank for Leaks Before Winter

Now is a good time to check your fuel tank for leaks before the really cold, winter months arrive. Next time there is a dry day pop out into your garden and assess its overall condition. Dry weather makes it easier to see any damp oil stains on the tank,... read more

October 25, 2012

Oil Tanks as Art at the Tate Modern

Ever thought heating oil tanks could be artistic? A dramatic new development at the Tate Modern opened on July 18th as three 30x7 metre oil tanks were repositioned to display performance and installation art, providing space for discussion and education.  Known as “The Tanks,” the giant underground chambers have remained... read more

August 21, 2012

Heating Oil Thefts in Bideford

While you don't necessarily think about heating oil in August, some thieves in Bideford, Devon are not only thinking about it, but they are stealing it.... read more

August 14, 2012

Heating Oil Customers Warned to be Careful due to Rise in Online Scams

A recent article in the BBC has warned heating oil customers to be careful when ordering fuel online due to the rise of scam Web sites.

Customers are required to pay for the fuel upfront, usually by bank transfer, but then the fuel is not delivered.

Police are investigating at... read more

March 12, 2012

Community Oil Schemes Impact on Heating Oil Firms

According to a recent article written by the BBC - Bulk-buying oil to help save householders money has been growing in popularity in recent years, but some local oil suppliers in the West Country have complained it could be "unviable" and "unattractive".

So-called community oil schemes have become increasingly common... read more

February 10, 2012

Peace of Mind for £100?

At Moorland Fuels we recognise that money is tight all round right now.  The unemployment numbers are rising and so too is inflation.  All of this is causing everyone to tighten their belts and look for ways to save money.  Of course one of the first places people look to... read more

January 31, 2012

Federation of Petroleum Suppliers Welcomes OFT Findings on Heating Oil Distribution

A recent article in the winter issue Downstream Magazine focused on the reaction of the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers (FPS) to the results of the Office of Fair Trade (OFT) study into the oil distribution industry.  The study found that the oil distribution industry does not need price regulation and... read more

January 3, 2012