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Your AGA/Rayburn is an integral part of your family life – you cook on it, use it to heat your home and dry clothes in front of it.

To help you get the most out of your AGA/Rayburn, we have put together some helpful maintenance tips.

  1. Schedule regular services for your AGA/Rayburn with an OFTEC-registered engineer.  OFTEC recommends an oil-fired AGA/Rayburn is serviced every six months.  Don’t forget to turn the AGA/Rayburn off the night before the service so it has time to cool down.
  2. Top up your insulation and check your seals.  Over time the insulation inside your AGA/Rayburn can settle down inside the cooker and the seals on the doors can deteriorate.  This causes more heat to be lost into the room.  Ask your engineer to check your insulation and seals during your next service.
  3. Use an additive specifically designed for AGAs and Rayburns to reduce deposit build up and improve efficiency.  Our cooker additive is just £30 a bottle (including VAT) and treats up to 1,400 litres of fuel.
  4. Have your engineer check your oil tank as routine for signs of water and sludge build up as these can cause blocked filters, nozzles and delayed burner ignition. See our diagram of how the build up occurs.  If you have a build up of sludge or water, we are the leading oil tank cleaners in Devon.
  5. Never block the flue as this can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.
  6. Only use AGA/Rayburn approved cleaning products and don’t ever use a wire brush on the enamel areas (It is ok to use a wire brush on the cast iron components).   
  7. Check the fuel level in your oil tank regularly.  If you run out of oil, air and sediment can be drawn up into the oil pipe making it difficult to restart and lead to costly repair bills.
  8. Clean your doors with a damp cloth – do not immerse them in water.

If you would like to arrange your next AGA/Rayburn service, buy some additive or enquire about a tank cleaning, call us on 01837 55700.

About Moorland Fuels

Moorland Fuels was formed more than 15 years ago.  It is still a family-run business. Our reputation has been built by our team of dedicated drivers and staff.  We all believe in what we do, and this can be seen in our commitment to excellent service. 

We are a fully independent distributor sourcing heating oil, gas oil and derv at the most competitive prices, supplying to industry, farming and the home.  We run all our own vehicles, both for fuels and lubricants, from our depot in Okehampton, Devon and keep an extensive stock to meet all our customers’ demands. This gives us the flexibility to provide a fast, efficient and professional service to our customers. 

We also undertake tank replacements, supply coal and carry out boiler servicing and repairs.

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Released February 18, 2014