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The community shop in Spreyton is a great example of what a community can do when it pulls together.  It opened in 2010 as a community-owned shop manned primarily by volunteers.  Any surplus (profit) made by the shop is put back into the Spreyton community.  A year ago, shop manager Alex Wallis wanted to start a Spreyton oil buying group.

“As a community shop, we felt that creating an oil buying group was the right thing to do for our village,” said Alex.  “By buying together we are reducing the number of tankers entering our village on a monthly basis which is great for the environment and we get a better price for our customers.”

The village response has so far been positive.  The number of participants fluctuates from month to month but now villagers are asking Alex when the next fuel order will be placed. 

The way the buying group works is simple.  Alex calls Moorland Fuels monthly for a price and then she posts the price in the shop for two days for people to sign up their fuel order.  She then places the order with Moorland Fuels and the individual buyers call with their payment details.  She deliberately doesn’t call a number of other suppliers for a price.

“As a community shop we are focused on buying from local independent suppliers – whether it is cheese, fruit and vegetables or heating oil,” she said.  “I know Moorland Fuels is giving me their best price and value the quality of service we receive from them.  I also have villagers who participate in the buying group because we buy from Moorland Fuels and who wouldn’t participate if we bought from another supplier.”

By working with one, local supplier and not changing suppliers every month, the Spreyton group has developed a strong relationship with Moorland Fuels.  In return they get loyal treatment from Moorland Fuels and will be looked after during busy peak times (for example Christmas or a long cold spell) when demand for fuel is high.  During these peak times buying groups who don’t have a regular relationship with a fuel supplier will see a longer delivery time.

“Buying groups are a good idea when you partner with a reliable, trusted fuel company and you build a relationship with your supplier,” said Ben More, managing director of Moorland Fuels.  “It is a even better idea to partner with your local supplier, because then you are not only getting a great price and service for your village, you are keeping local jobs and wages flowing into the community.”

Alex runs the oil group on a purely volunteer basis. She is always looking for ways for the community shop to do things for the village beyond what a regular shop does.  To learn more about the Spreyton Village Shop watch them on YouTube or visit their Web site http://www.spreyton.org.uk/community_shop.htm.

If you live in Spreyton and would like to join the Oil Group, please call Alex at 01647 231711.


About Moorland Fuels

Moorland Fuels was formed more than 15 years ago. The company started by supplying lubricants throughout the South West.  Moorland Fuels is still a family-run business.  Our reputation has been built by our team of dedicated drivers and staff. We all believe in what we do, and this can be seen in our commitment to excellent service, which gives us the edge over our competitors. 

We are a fully independent fuel distributor sourcing quality products at the most competitive price to industry, farming and the home.  We run all our own vehicles, both for fuels and lubricants, from our depot in Okehampton and keep an extensive stock to meet all our customers’ demands. This gives us the flexibility to provide a fast, efficient and professional service to our customers.  If you need heating oil in Devon give us a call.

For more information or to place an order, call (01837) 55700 or visit www.moorlandfuels.co.uk.

Released May 9, 2012