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Moorland Fuels is excited to announce that we are now selling AGA additive as a bulk fuel called Range Fuel Plus and not by the bottle.  Following the success of our premium fuel Moorheat Plus Premium Kerosene, we have decided to sell our AGA/Rayburn fuel the same way.

So what is Range Fuel Plus?

Range Fuel Plus is premium upgrade for kerosene designed for use in AGA type cookers.  It is much better for AGAs and Rayburns then standard kerosene.

Why Should I Use It?
Range Fuel Plus provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces the build-up of soot and carbon deposits in vaporising burner units.
  • Inhibits the growth of deposits in stored fuel. 
  • Stabilises fuel thus prolonging the ‘shelf life’.
  • Improves cooker efficiency.
  • Reduces carbon emissions.
  • Reduces service problems.

The combination of all of these benefits ultimately results in saving you money.

Can I put Range Fuel Plus in my oil-fired boiler?
If you are running both an oil-fired boiler and an AGA or Rayburn, then Range Fuel Plus is the correct product to use as it is good for both systems.  However, if you are just running an oil-fired boiler, than the best product to use is Moorheat Plus Premium Kerosene as this has been specifically designed for oil-fired boilers. Moorheat Plus Premium is not to be used in AGAs or Rayburns.

Special Summer Offer on Our Premium Products
Order your Range Fuel Plus or Moorheat Plus Premium Kero online using our online account management system and get £10 off your order until the end of September. Simply use the voucher code SummerSpecial18. Vouchers are only valid on orders over 750 litres.

Released July 3, 2018