Regular Top-ups Prevent Costly Runouts

Running out of heating oil is not only annoying but it can have a negative impact on your heating system.  The sludge that builds up at the bottom of your tank can block your central heating system and lead to costly repairs. You might also need a boiler engineer to bleed your system through.

If you sign up to our Gold Service (top-up) Moorland Fuels will regularly come out to top up your heating oil tank.  We monitor your fuel usage and come out when we think you are getting low.

Our Gold Service is different to the top-up service provided by other fuel companies because it is still very much a personal service. We don't rely on machines to calculate your fuel consumption; instead we look back on your order history and take into consideration the weather and other fuel factors. We also call or email you before we come out to check you want the tank topped up - so you don't receive any surprise bills.

There is a lot of flexibility in the program. You can use various methods of payment and if you are getting low and want to schedule a top-up, then just send us an email and we will top-up your tank.

So what are the benefits of our Gold Service?

  • Never run-out of fuel
  • No inflated pricing
  • Fuel consumption monitoring
  • Supplies when you need them
  • No set-up charges
  • No need to dip your tank
  • No need to wait in for deliveries
Not quite sure what you need? Call 01837 55700 and our friendly team will help you make an informed choice to best suit your needs.
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